Dawn Davis | playerprophet


Those Without Shadows
2016-Present (hiatus)
2016-2018 WIP


Indivisible (2019)
Lab Zero Games
Animation Frame Cleaner
Channel A (2014, 2018)
Evil Hat, Asmadi Games
iAmMoshow Sticker Pack (2018)
With Zetsuboupuppet
The Cat Rapper
Costume Fairy Adventures (2014-2018)
Core Rulebook, Tomb of Follies, The Great Pie Caper, and Disorder in the Court
Illustration and Playtesting


The Brave Tuber (2018)
Seven Seas
Editing and Localization
Serena Zhang (2018)
Castaway! Love's Adventure
Voltage USA
Script Writing for Paid Selections
Love on the Peacock Express (2017)
Yuri Jam 2017
Vic Rook Route
Script Writing
Repair 5054 (2017)
With Eliot Davis
Ludum Dare 39
Writing and Design
Hapax Legomenon (2014)
With Ella Kurki
Story and Script Writing


Dawn Davis is a queer writer and illustrator from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada. She has a special interest in retro JRPGs, narrative designs, folklore, fandom, and intersectional safe spaces.

Dawn has been an illustrator for independent tabletop games like Channel A (2014, 2019) and Costume Fairy Adventures (2017) and is best known in writing for the Vic Rook route in Love on the Peacock Express (2017). She's been working hard on her game, Patriah (TBA). She's interested in remote contract and freelance work.

Dawn wants to tell stories that make you cry.

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