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Prime Quarantine Content, part 1: Visual Novels

Hello, all! I’m having a really hard time concentrating these days, given the state of it all. I have work to do, but it’s challenging to focus. Even in my downtime, I’ve been running around and trying to look after things for neighbors and roommates to keep myself busy. Now I’ve manufactured a new project to help you find something to keep you company in these tricky days.

So for the next few weeks, when I think of things, I’m going to make a post of recommendations by medium for stuff that you might like to check out. I bet you have lots of books to read, games to play, and stuff to watch already, but maybe nothing of the stuff on your queue is calling to you. Maybe you need something fresh? I know what it’s like.

Here are my favorite Visual Novels that I’d like to recommend to you, and a few that I hope to get around to.

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