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Hello everyone!

As you probably know already, I’m a nerd and I love fandom. Along with original work I’ve published two fancomics on my own and several more in anthologies and collections. I envy the doujinshi culture of Japan, and I’ve spent a lot of time speculating on how to support it as a thing in the west.

Which brings me to a new project: The Western Fancomics Directory.

I envisioned this originally as a giant online store or a website with links and maybe someday it can be that, but for now, I have a Google Drive account with spreadsheets. The goal is to create a directory of fancomics and zines so interested readers and buyers can know where to shop and start or grow their collection. Please bookmark this page, as the spreadsheet may be locked or moved in the future to protect creators.


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  1. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  2. Any materials promoting hate against anyone will be removed.
  3. Anyone is welcome to make a listing for someone else’s work, but the creator has final say in the listing, or if it appears at all.
  4. Please forward any questions, requests or concerns to playerprophet at gmail dot com.
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