Hello again. I have survived August deadline hell and let me tell you I am so tired. I was hoping to recover over the weekend but people who love me keep making plans because they want to spend time with me, and I can’t say no because I love them too. Feeling a little burnt out and I hope I can shake it soon.

This morning in my backyard, chickadees are everywhere and don’t seem to care if I’m here or not. I love chickadees. Yesterday too I encountered a particularly mouthy bluejay and set out a few peanuts for it. I watched it from my door as it tried to calculate where to cache one so it could come back for the rest. I’ve also seen some song sparrows back here with me but I haven’t coaxed the crows in yet. Next time I’ll tell you about the pigeon family.

I’ve got another treat at the end of this post for hardcore Dracula fans.