Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi

For a while I considered calling this reading Dracula “like a pervert,” (because I find the word “pervert” very funny) but I think it’s important to let everyone know exactly what kind of pervert filter to expect and it’s this: I wanted to read Dracula because I heard it was gay (and by gay, I mean homoerotic).

I’m Dawn. During the day I am a writer and editor for novels, manga, etc, and a sometimes personal assistant. I’ve written a handful of Let’s Plays here on my blog that are a few years old now, but they still get traffic. A while ago I picked up a copy of Dracula with the intent to write a Let’s Read in the style of Ronan Wills, except hornier. Maybe I’ll even draw some stuff.

Starting May 2023 I will start reading Dracula in chronological order via Dracula Daily. The community around this subscription seems to always have a lot of fun so why not read it with them? This way, you can read along with me! It’s free, let’s do it.

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Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi


0. May 1 — Me and Dracula
1. May 3, 4 — What Happens in Transylvania Stays in Transylvania
2. May 5 — The Dracula Trap
3. May 7 — The Cat Meat Man and Other Digressions
4. May 8, 9 — Let’s Embellish Events a Bit
5. May 11, 12 — Inconvenient Boners
6. May 15, 16 — Love is Penetration
7. May 18, 19 — Missives from a Spooky Old House
8. May 24 — Three For You and Three For Me
9. May 25, 26 — A Reunion of Queer Cowboys
10. May 28 — Let Me Tell You About Whump
11. May 31


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