About Prophets & Players

What is Prophets and Players?

P&P is the blog by me, Dawn Davis (playerprophet). It consists mainly of game reviews, discussions of narratives, promotions of fandom content and personal stories. It was started as a forum where I could collect my thoughts and post them as a whole somewhere that might read as more legitimate than on social media networks such as twitter or tumblr. Here, I can compose my thoughts and point people to those considerations even years in the future so I didn’t have to repeat myself. I do not consider myself a formal journalist, just a person who has a lot of feelings about fandom, games, and storytelling. 

Who are you?

I’m Dawn Davis! I work as a freelance writer and illustrator. You can see credits on my portfolio page here.

Will you Review my Game/Comic/Story?

I can try! Please try to read over my blog before emailing me, because sometimes a “review” just turns into a babbling post about how one character was the best one. I’ve recieved unsolicited game keys in the past and I haven’t always been able to engage with everything I’ve gotten, but I do make an effort to try it.

Unless you want to sponsor a review. I can do that.

Either way, please email me.

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