August 31st. We’re on our way out of summer season and into spooky season and I’m not ready. The summer here has been wet and soggy and pretty depressing overall. I actually pulled out a pillow I have for my laptop to find it just riddled with mildew. The only thing that caused it was an open window. I did some cool stuff but I wish there had been more opportunities for sunny day adventures. I hope your summers were more fun than mine!


Today we have a letter from Arthur to his former lover, Dr. Lobotomy. He asks the bad doctor to take a look at Lucy, as he’s worrying about her and he can’t talk to Lucy’s mother about it at risk of killing her. But although Lucy doesn’t know about her mother’s poor health, Arthur is sure she has something on her mind.

Apparently Lucy took some convincing to allow Dr. Lobotomy to check her out, since she dumped him and everything. Arthur goes so far as to tell him when he needs to show up and how the visit will go to keep everyone chill. He also appeals to Dr. Lobotomy’s heart, to try to look out for Lucy.

As we all know, women are prone to just nuclear melting down in the face of distress. Just look at Lucy’s mom! More fragile than a Whitby Lucky Duck.

It’s a short post today but I wanted to make sure all my months are compartmentalized as well as they can be on my blog page. Can’t wait to see a smaller cowboy reunion!

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