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[DRAKENGARD 3] Cruel Miracle COMIC

Posting this here because I want a reliable source to upload the art.

Created for the Snow in Summer exchange @drakenierswap on twitter, for kadamidee who asked for angst about Accord knowing about Zero’s bad end. This was a fic that turned into a comic at the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE because I thought it would work better. I think it does, but because of the quick heel-turn, it’s very unpolished. Oh well, I still like it anyway. :) I hope you did, too!

Zero, from Drakengard, walks with sword in hand, shadow of a dragon flying above her. The narration reads: "Zero, in her habitat as a creature in her own right, could be an interesting object of study. It is in my interest as a recorder to hope that my observations provide perspective."
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Webcomp: the not-Webcomic

Webcomics have evolved beyond being what we formally understand to be comics. We use the word “comics” for them because, while they sometimes don’t look like comics or sound like comics, readers don’t have language to call them anything different. We say “webcomics” because they’re often image-heavy stories we read online. I believe that this simplification can be harmful to people who are creating narratives outside the box, because it’s difficult to find our market. How will people know what to look for when what they want isn’t anything like a webcomic?

This is what I want to call a Webcomp: a Composite Web Narrative. A webcomp is a story where the medium is the web, and it utilizes any and all of the features available to it in that format. There is no operating terminology for this form of storytelling that encapsulates what it is. Most often, readers will refer to it as a “webcomic”, in spite of everything that it isn’t, because it’s the best word we have to describe it.

Let’s get into this in some more detail.

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TCAF 2016 + Doing Something Different with TWS

Okay let’s start with what’s happening in TWS: We’ll be changing how we update so that we can do it with more regularity. After doing a twitter survey it seems that the more popular option would be to update more often with a page or two at a time, so that’s what we’re going to do from here on out. That said, you should look forward to an update by the end of the weekend, probably.

Second: You can now play the games on your phone! We’re still working out some bugs from the mobile version, but it mostly works.

So here’s what happened to me at TCAF 2016:

This year I ended up getting on the waiting list for TCAF proper, but the wait ran long and I got in with the Hand Eye Society for Comics vs Games. So for my first time I had to build an interactive way to play TWS to show off all it’s capable of. So I had my comics and we got TWS up on an ipad borrowed from my lovely roommate and showed off our nice new touchscreen abilities.
It was a learning experience but it did go mostly well.

We had two OTHER new and exciting things there, too. One of them was Clark‘s burnt CD soundtrack. It’s currently unavailable anywhere but I have it on good authority that he’ll be hocking them to his patrons soon. If you’re interested you should support him, for sure!

The second was my zine about fandom, which you can download here. This was a major point to my stress coming up on TCAF but I got to say a lot of things in it that I really wanted to say.


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Animal Boyfriends (Dandelion, by Cheritz)



Probably the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me in a video game.


Stephen King, The Dark Tower V


TCAF & Fancomic Reviews

A friendly reminder that I’ll be mooching some table space from the lovely Anayte Delahay, one half of the creators of Feral Gentry, at TCAF next weekend. Please come visit me to peek at Broken Birds and let me talk to you about Those Without Shadows.

Since reading lots of Doing in the Wizard and making my own doujinshi I’ve decided to take up doing some fair zine and fancomic reviews. It’s going to be a tricky thing since a lot of fancomic makers are little people having fun and I don’t want to crush any dreams or anything, so I’m going to need to think hard about how to make a review that’s truthful without being mean. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some of these in the coming weeks as I review books that I already own. The focus will be on English-language publications.

Two Releases

As I mentioned last time I’ve been working on a few things. One is Broken Birds, a Hatoful Boyfriend doujinshi about Nanaki and Yuuya. It’s been officially released on Gumroad for $2 as a PDF. You can pick it up here:

Secondly, Those Without Shadows is live.


It would mean a lot to me if you could check it out!

Unpacking Hapax Legomenon



Early this year I was asked by my then-fiancee Ella (dodostad) if I wanted to collaborate with her in the next Team Pärvelö project: a collection about lesbians in history. I knew without thinking too much that my answer was yes, of course, since Ella and I have been excited about making things together and I thought it would be an excellent excuse. We collaborated on a project in 2013 for Uni2, another Finnish collection, that while with a good concept, Ella didn’t have a lot of time for and it ended up being rushed and compressed. (We may revisit that story again someday.) So I was eager to try it again, maybe with a little less stress.

I have most of a degree in Religious Studies (with a minor in Creative Writing) from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. All the requirements are fulfilled, but I haven’t gotten the paperwork thanks to money issues. It’s a long story. But when I thought of what I wanted to write with regards to women in history, I immediately thought of my religious studies background. What if our story went back to what many believe to be the beginning of History? What about a story about Adam and Eve?

This post is going to be about unpacking this story with all of the academic biblical bullshit and separating what precisely is backed up in myth and conversation (while being as lazy about sourcing and such as I can) and showing precisely  how much was my own storytelling flavor. Of course I also don’t want to show you too much and ruin the story for you. Please support Ella and me, and Team Pärvelö and buy a copy of Lepakkoluola. There are a lot of fantastic stories in there.

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In Love, In Finland

finland 060814


I hope this doesn’t insult the sweet girls at the embassy. They’re wonderful. I’m obviously oversimplifying things for a joke. There could be a lot of risks in not giving records of my marital status and Finland is just trying to take care of their own. I’ll take care of this one, I promise.

Suomi, Rakkani



I’ve discovered it’s probably easier to just speak English so everyone knows straight up that maybe I don’t know Finnish. Everyone is a big babe and assumes the best in me. I’M SORRY FOR LETTING YOU DOWN FINLAND, I LOVE YOU. LET’S TALK SOON.

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