Posting this here because I want a reliable source to upload the art.

Created for the Snow in Summer exchange @drakenierswap on twitter, for kadamidee who asked for angst about Accord knowing about Zero’s bad end. This was a fic that turned into a comic at the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE because I thought it would work better. I think it does, but because of the quick heel-turn, it’s very unpolished. Oh well, I still like it anyway. :) I hope you did, too!

Zero, from Drakengard, walks with sword in hand, shadow of a dragon flying above her. The narration reads: "Zero, in her habitat as a creature in her own right, could be an interesting object of study. It is in my interest as a recorder to hope that my observations provide perspective."
A picture of Zero from above, walking across a splash page of her sister's faces. The narration reads: "Her sisters are worshiped as goddesses, and are motivated to interfere in human lives. The people bow to them in gratitude, and meet their every need and whim. They form a cooperative bond with the humans in their region, and form a symbiotic relationship. Inference tells me that Zero never had relationships like this."
Zero arrives at her home from Drakengard 3 and enters the building. Accord peeks at her through a window, but slips out of sight when Zero looks for her. The narration reads: "Our records don't go back before her sisters were born. I suspect she was seen as a part of nature. I do not believe she was a goddess of song... but a goddess of life."
Zero leaves the house, looking around for Accord. She walks away, and we see Accord watching her from the roof of the house. The narration reads: "Zero is less like a human than a flower. She grows, she lives she takes on what she needs and indulges in minor joys. It's easy to imagine her spending hours dozing under a tree, singing."
We see Accord as she follows after Zero. Zero sits down under a tree. The narration reads: "If someone were to assume I was a human, I might seem just as mysterious. Maybe my powers would come as a surprise? Maybe I'd be seen as a goddess, too? These speculations are outside the parameters of my mission. I hope you'll forgive my indulgences."
Under the tree, Zero begins to sing as Accord looks on. The narration reads: "How was she born? Was it a miracle?"
There's no text on the next panel, but a parallel image to the previous page, showing the Drakengard Queen Beast contorted and bellowing her song.
On the last page it we see that the image of the Queen Beast was a memory of Accord's, and she looks serious. She looks over Zero, and remembers what might happen. The narration reads: "It must be a cruel miracle to be born into the same world as the flower that preys on her, and thrives... and I, powerless, unable to interfere. End recording."