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[Metal Gear Solid] The Last Nine Years

The Last Nine Years is a collaboration between playerprophet and cephiedvariable. A look at the highs and lows of Otacon and Snake’s relationship between the scenes and throughout the years. 

To better understand the content, see the working title: “Emotionally Repressed Supersoldier and Annoying Nerd Try – and Fail – to Talk About Their Feelings”.

Order your hard copy here, or message me. I know the storenvy link is down right now…

I’ll never really forgive Jenn (cephiedvariable) for making me draw so many mustaches.

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Red vs Blue Fanfic Recommendation Masterpost

So I tried to post something like this before with the understanding that I might make different editions, but I decided I’d rather make one huge post that has everything I love and just come back to update it now and then. Again: I’m sticking to my one-sentence-summary rule, but please mind the author-marked tags. For now, here is The Good Shit.

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