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Work Credits for 2023

I really feel like, when it came to work, I was all over the place this year. That said, proofreading and copy editing appears to be a good fit for me, so I imagine I’ll cultivate that into growth in 2024. Here’s hoping I keep up with work during a deluge of layoffs and downsizing all over the place.

Last year’s list was more impressive thanks to being a full-timer for half the year, but trust me when I say this year’s list it more happy and healthy. 2024 will be about learning for real how much I need to get by, and seizing my free time for me. Work smarter, not harder!

[ROUNDUP] February, March, and April/May to Come

I hope you’re all doing well <3

I’ve been working on a few things and it’s tough because a lot of them are just behind the curtain and I can’t show them to you for a little while, but I’m very very excited for the moment when I can.


I feel like February was a lot of working on things that will be due to come out soon, and nothing that I can actually show off. I drew some stuff that I posted on social media and I will collect to post here at a later time! I would like to have all my fandom art in a pile, isolated for convenience.


Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster Volume 2 is complete, and you can now buy the ebook!

Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster Volume 3 is now being serialized!

I started taking driving lessons!

Beloved friend of the show Ashley Lauren Rogers has a play available for purchase at Next Stage Press. Check out and pick up Chasing the Ghost here! Ashley also has her own Patreon here!

Another beloved friend of the show, Kai, has been working hard on their comic, Ukiyo! They have a Patreon as well where you can support them, here!


Fujoshi Guide to Web Development Kickstarter launched. I helped!

Finding God in No Man’s Land—Christian Influence in Trigun: Essay posted on Easter 2023! Because I thought it was funny. I’ll be writing up a few elements that I didn’t get to work into the essay itself for Patreon that I also hope to make available on ko-fi.

More stuff to come?? Maybe??


Hideo Kojima’s Memes and Torquil Campbell’s DNA – Artists on Art as Genetics: Coming out on Unwinnable Exploits on May 1st. Might only be available for subscribers right away, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ll post it as soon as I see it!

Also on May 1st, playerprophet friend and supporter Mirth Turtle is having a very special livestream. Details to come.

I have another Author Spotlight Interview coming out soon with Nightmare Magazine. I believe it’s out in May but it could be June. They don’t tell me these things (but I also don’t ask).

I’ve signed up for a course to learn about making TTRPGs late in May: Designing Games that Matter with Avery Alder. I wanted to go last year, but full-time work left me very little room for fun. Looking forward to it this time! I bet I’ll have some fun things to share afterward. :)

I also now have a discord server that you can join with extra perks for patrons!

Also I’ll probably be working on a Trigun doujinshi (as short as possible) because the fandom is on fire and I have more stuff I want to say. Now’s as good a time as any, right?

20 Stories that Changed Me in 2022

This is the last thing I write about 2022 I hope.

For Christmas I asked for and received (thanks to my mom and brother Jeff, thanks guys) Hideo Kojima’s The Creative Gene. The book (so far) is mostly Kojima’s account of stories that have influenced him, why they mattered to him, and sometimes how we can see their effects in his work.

I keep a yearly planner — a hobonichi techo — which has a “my 100” list in the back where you can chronicle 100 things. I never knew what to do with it, but in 2022 I kept a chronicle of media I consumed, whether I liked them or not, or other special memories of new places or things. So for the first time I had a reliable, localized collection of the things I read/watched/saw that were new to me. After starting The Creative Gene I thought it might be nice to share with you, like he shared with me, the things that I believe I learned something from that will help me go into the future.

So here are 20 of the stories that changed me in 2022, in no particular order.

2022 List of Credits

Lots of people in the manga industry like to post collections of the year’s work, but it’s difficult when you do proofreading because the list gets pretty massive pretty quickly.

Here’s all the stuff I worked on this year, and it’s probably not comprehensive because it’s just based on what I wrote down in my planner. I’ve been thinking it would be good to collect all the titles I’ve worked on as a reference just for job searching, so this is just a start. This also doesn’t include volumes of series that I started working on in previous years.

Personal Post: 2022 Was the Worst Year of 2020 to Date

With the ongoing collapse of Twitter which they now say will soon have a character limit of 4000, I decided to bite the bullet and just use blogs as originally intended. Social media is for shitposting and blogging is for things I care to commit to history so I hope to update this blog with a lot of random nonsense from now on, some of which will be under lock and key via Patreon integration, so if you’re interested in having more of a conversation about me and my content, please find me there again.

I think I made a post here about moving to Gumroad and right after that Gumroad revealed that they’re also full of twats and since lots of people use Patreon (including myself, to funnel cash to people I like) I might as well stick with the same twats that everyone else is affiliated with. My Patreon will be reactivated at the end of December. Here’s my Patreon link:

This blog post is a bummer so far but I promise I’m doing well, I just hate living in late capitalism.

To brighten things up, here’s a photo of my current foster cat, Scruffy McFluffers (adoption pending). Maybe I’ll make a big blog post about him soon. And perhaps my other fosters?

a scruffy grey tabby cat scowls at the screen.

I am no longer working at Seven Seas so I have retreated to freelance work. This is fine. Now I have the time to get back to the projects I’ve abandoned since 2020, so your support on Patreon and elsewhere would be appreciated. I’m hoping to cut back on the number of contracts I’m juggling for January in order to write a novel (but please do contact me about work opportunities). When I got a full-time job in 2020 I had several ambitions I was trying to fulfill, and one of them was to spend that November working on this novel for NaNoWriMo. Instead, I got a job, and had no time for the novel. I feel like it would be better if I took the summer to slack off and write instead, but there are a few things in the world that seem to be telling me it’s a good time, so I’m going to get started in the new year. I’ll tell you all about it soon… and probably on Patreon first!

I’m looking forward to the holidays and ringing out this crappy year. For me it’s been a lot of disappointments and loss and stress, but a lot of learning too. I think we can ring in 2023 on a better note with blogs, Patreon, and really gay novels. Thank you all for being here. It means a lot.

Death Stranding, and a little Healing

This piece was featured in a December 1st 2019 post on Critical Distance. [link]

Content Warning: This post contains spoilers for the end of Death Stranding, and conversations about my personal experiences with abuse, neglect, and daddy issues. This is some very personal crap that does little by way of analysis or critique of the story.

6 Tips to Using a Planner for your Mental Health

Hello, I’m Dawn and I’ve been battling my own mental health as far back as I can remember. I struggle to this day with depression and anxiety.

I’ve kept a journal off and on for much of my life. I decided in 2018 to keep one to track my days, so I could stop beating myself up about how much I didn’t do. A few months in, I used it for exactly that, and it worked, pulling me out of a downward spiral of self-hate. In my depressed haze I was discrediting how hard I was working, and looking back in time, I was grateful for what I did manage to do.

Depending on your particular hangups, my routine might not work for you, but I think it could help others. I recommend that you use a daily log, be it a spreadsheet, phone calendar, or physical day planner. Make sure it has all 365 days a year. Other than that, you can use whatever you please. I use a Hobonichi Techo because it had a cool Earthbound jacket, and getting something expensive held me hostage to make use of it.

I’m Not Reviewing Love on the Peacock Express!

I’m not going to be reviewing this great, free game about dating moms and solving mysteries on a train, because I helped to write it! I’m super proud of this and the game as a whole. Thank you to everyone who is playing it, and everyone who helped to make it. I think we did a great job. <3

Please check it out here:

Post-GDC 2017 Thoughts & Personal Enlightenment

Every time I manage to go to GDC I have the time of my life.

This year I attended the conference as an attendee of the Amplifying New Voices program, which was an honour to be accepted to and may have been the best thing to happen to me over the week. I worked with industry veterans who were thrilled to lay themselves out and provide us with everything that they could in order to diversify games. I feel like, even since GDC 2015, the conference has become more colourful and effective at welcoming PoC, women, and people of gender and sexual diversities. There are many growing pains in the industry that reflect the growing pains of the culture around us, but I think that we’ve made some progress. Let’s keep moving forward!

I can’t even begin to talk about all of the amazing things I experienced this year, but it did help me to decide what to do with myself in my career. I realize now that I’ve lacked focus. While my passion has always been games, the work I’ve done hasn’t always reflected as much. While my blog is been about games and discussing them, my life choices have not always done the same.

In 2016 I submitted a lot of job applications toward game companies for illustration and writing work. At the same time I spent a lot of energy and consideration applying for comics jobs and anthology submissions. At the end of the year I was declined work for what would have been a lucrative game writing job, which led to me having a minor crisis about what I’m doing with my life.

I think my dilemma was in seeing how webcomposites like Those Without Shadows were typically understood as being webcomics. That may have been the case because of those authors’ networks being webcomic networks. This has resulted in me trying to get work in anthologies and comics with few credentials aside from my fanwork. I don’t have much income, so I’d just apply for anything. In retrospect this took a lot of time and energy away from more relevant jobs and my personal projects.

This is something I’m not going to do anymore.

This doesn’t mean my comic career is over, I’m just going to take heart behind the support networks that I’ve recieved in the game industry. I will no longer work hard on applications to anthologies for comics that I haven’t been explicitly invited to. (Fancomics and zines are still on the table though, because I love them.)

I feel good about taking this new direction. I hope you are all looking forward to it, too!

Let’s go to GDC 2017!


I’m just going to leave a list of publications I’ve made this year if you’d like to support me! I’d love to go to GDC again, so any funding help you could provide would help me very much.

Also it feels good that I can see what I got done this year.

The Last Nine Years
PDF | Hardcopy

This was a project between me and my pal cephiedvariable over 2015-2016. We released it on PDF in February, and started mailing out the book in April.

It’s an Otacon/Snake Metal Gear Solid Fancomic. 108 pages.

Costume Fairy Adventures
Order here

Costume Fairy Adventures - Core Rulebook

I did a LOT of art for Costume Fairy Adventures, mostly over the course of 2015. You can get PDFs and print-on-demand copies on DriveThruRPG!

In Defense of Fandom

A small zine I made for TCAF this year, when there was some hubbub about artists making money on fan work at conventions. I had stuff to say about that.

Those Without Shadows

Minerva regards the viewer, a finger over her lips to quiet you.

Well, that’s a work-in-progress. Read it for free!

Snapback by Christian DeWolf
Order here

Snapback icon

Christian did a whole lot of coding for TWS over the summer, so in repayment I illustrated his book about Go. It’s very funny. Christian is very funny.


Playerprophet’s 2016 Sketchbook

Here’s a collection of the stuff I’ve been working on this year! Little snippets of the big things, but with all of the high-res images I’ve worked on for prints, commissions, and funsies. Please take a look!

Playerprophet’s 2016 Sketchbook 18+ EDITION

This is probably going to happen soon. Keep an eye on twitter for an 18+ patreon too!

Here are a few other ways you might also be interested in supporting me. Thank you all so much for your time and readership.

 Gumroad | Storenvy | Redbubble
Patreon | Kofi | Commissions

I will also happily review your game/comic/whatever!

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