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Work Credits for 2023

I really feel like, when it came to work, I was all over the place this year. That said, proofreading and copy editing appears to be a good fit for me, so I imagine I’ll cultivate that into growth in 2024. Here’s hoping I keep up with work during a deluge of layoffs and downsizing all over the place.

Last year’s list was more impressive thanks to being a full-timer for half the year, but trust me when I say this year’s list it more happy and healthy. 2024 will be about learning for real how much I need to get by, and seizing my free time for me. Work smarter, not harder!

67 Let’s Read Carmilla Like a Fujoshi III (End!)

We got a big-ass snowfall here the other day so I guess that means it’s Christmas season on top of the general SAD of winter. I don’t want to work, I just want to curl up in blankets and read books and play video games.

Anyway, here’s the rest of Carmilla.

66 Let’s Read Carmilla Like a Fujoshi II

Shit is about to get spicy.

65 Let’s Read Carmilla Like a Fujoshi I

So I’ve started reading Something in the Blood by David J. Skal, which is a very good biography of Bram Stoker. (By the way: I tried to sign up to be an Amazon associate so I could make some cash on linking these books but they canned me when no one bought anything so I dunno. Buy local!) It’s actually terribly engrossing and the author is a gay man himself, interested in that aspect of Stoker’s life. I’ll do a brief overview of the book when I’m done. We can do a chronological walk through Stoker’s life with Oscar Wilde and Henry Irving.

Before that though, the next chapter of Reading the Vampire is about Carmilla. I’ve already read the chapter but before I write about it I thought we should read Carmilla itself as a perverted little family.

I do have a little story about Carmilla. I’ve never read it, but my surrogate father—who I’ve mentioned before now—once came to me to ask if I’d heard of it. He knew I was a lesbian and we had been trading books and recommendations back and forth. I told him I’d heard of Carmilla and I hadn’t read it. We agreed to read it at the same time and he confessed he would feel less embarrassed to read a book about lesbian vampires if he was doing it with me. Dude had a lot of weird unexamined homophobia but I suspect in this case that he wasn’t sure whether to expect it to be sexy lesbian pornography or what. I’m not sure he read it before he passed away last year, so this one’s for you, Tony.

The author of Carmilla, Sheridan Le Fanu, was an Irish man, and we know for sure that Stoker read his work, although according to Skal, we don’t know when he may have read Carmilla, only that he probably did read it because Dracula exists. Makes me desperately want a pretty volume of all of his stories, though Carmilla appears to be the only one of his works to survive in regular publication, thanks to Dracula. It’s a novella, so longer than your average short story, but it’s quite dense to summarize so I think we might have to do it in three parts or so.

I got a hard copy for my personal nerdy library, but if you like you can read it for free on Project Gutenberg here. I’ll be grabbing quoted text from there.

Let’s go!

64 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — The End (of Dracula Daily)

Here we are at the end! Seven years later! What is our harem up to?

63 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Death in the Harem

Here we are on the precipice! I’m writing this later than intended and I’m tired but I want to do it live.

62 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Van Helsing’s Inappropriate Boners

It’s November 5th and even though I knew we were nearing the end, I find it still catching up to me. The finale is tomorrow, and the epilogue comes on the 7th. So for the next three days I’ll be updating daily to keep up with it.

I believe I’ve said it a few times already but just to leave it at the top: the end of Dracula isn’t the end of Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi. I’ve started a bunch of shit that I plan to finish so we all leave here fully informed on the horny history of Dracula and Stoker. I have Reading the Vampire and a few essays lying around to get through yet. I’ve been working on those. I guess 2023 is just going to be my Dracula year. I’m hoping it doesn’t bleed too much into 2024.

Away we go.

61 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Van Helsing Writes Like He Talks

I’ve been reading my other Dracula books for content once we get to the finale. I hope you look forward to me never shutting up about Dracula ever. I have a bit of an inferiority complex I guess and I feel like if I’m going to be able to really draw this whole Let’s Read together I still have some homework to do.

60 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Holidays and Bisexual Queens

Hello my friends!

After being 20 degrees Celsius the other day, today it is snowing and very cold and I’m a real weenie about it. I feel bad for the poor kids who had to go out in the cold on Halloween, but it is usually chilly for Halloween.

I went over to a pal’s house for the holiday and we played Night Trap. We got so into it we nearly missed kids coming and knocking on the door for candy. It was a great time.

It’s Halloween in Dracula too so let’s go back a day.

59 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Weather in Romania

The other day it was 20 Celsius and today it’s cold as hell. I told myself I’d go do something and get some exercise but instead I stayed inside with my heat on. Probably the wrong choice but I’m a real weenie about the cold.

I ordered a gorgeous copy of Carmilla that arrived in the mail today, so look forward to me adding that to the blog in our Dracula Daily afterparty. I need some fiction to sprinkle in between all the academic papers I need to read in the interests of completionism.

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