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Red vs Blue Fanfic Recommendation Masterpost

So I tried to post something like this before with the understanding that I might make different editions, but I decided I’d rather make one huge post that has everything I love and just come back to update it now and then. Again: I’m sticking to my one-sentence-summary rule, but please mind the author-marked tags. For now, here is The Good Shit.

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Red vs Blue – Fanfiction Recommendations Part 1

Okay so I have not long been in the Red vs Blue fandom, but I was thirsty enough that good god I devoured a whole bunch of fanfiction. I’m super impressed with this fandom, there is soooo much good shit. Here is some, summarized in one sentence each to keep myself from babbling.

Blood Gulch Freelancers: Exactly what the title says. Church/Texas, AU

But Only When Skilfully Tied: Carolina helps Kimball navigate the sensitive political landscape of Chorus. Carolina/Kimball.

Contact: Grif can no longer lie and it is literally going to kill him. Grif/Simmons.

Eccentricity: None (ε = 0). Where York gets a puzzle, Washington thinks it’s a bomb, and the Freelancers bicker.

Ground Zero: Tucker and Caboose go on patrol and encounter The Flood. AU.

Hand-to-Hand: Wash and Carolina beat the snot out of each other.

Long Nights: A chronicle of Church’s sleepless nights and how he spent them.

The Long Road Back to Good: Between seasons 8 and 9, Wash joins Blue Team and slowly slowly gets better.

The Long Road Back to Good: Between season 10 and Out of Mind, York and Delta try to figure out how to make things right on their own.

The Ones Left Standing: Washington tries his damndest to clear Tucker’s name when he’s implicated in an assassination attempt on Malcolm Hargrove. Tucker/Washington, WIP.

Parallax. Washington has terrible Epsilon dreams of banging Texas and gets an awkward boner and he hates it. NSFW

Recuperation: After the Season 13 finale, the reds and blues grieve, they recover and they cope. Tucker/Washington, Grif/Simmons.

Regret the Poor Children: Two Freelancers and three AI get lost in the woods, starring Carolina, Washington, Epsilon, Eta and Iota. AU.

Satellite Mind: Things are good with York and Carolina until he gets an AI and has… performance problems. York/Carolina/Delta NSFW

She Got Both Feet on the Ground: Carolina gets Sigma after all. AU.

Way Ahead Way Behind: The freelancers take to grieving a lost colleague by playing a game of strip poker.

You’ve Got My Back in the City: Washington past vs present, his actions alongside Connecticut and Tucker. Washington/Connecticut, Washington/Tucker

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