Red vs Blue Fanfic Recommendation Masterpost

So I tried to post something like this before with the understanding that I might make different editions, but I decided I’d rather make one huge post that has everything I love and just come back to update it now and then. Again: I’m sticking to my one-sentence-summary rule, but please mind the author-marked tags. For now, here is The Good Shit.

Canon Enriching Fic

This refers to fic that fills in gaps left in the canon narrative, or things that zoom in and unpack concepts that weren’t fully explored.

all that I want is to wake up fine by firingmaincannon: Grif has difficulty surviving his retirement. Season 15 | 2.5k

But Only When Skilfully Tied by thought: Carolina helps Kimball navigate the sensitive political landscape of Chorus. Carolina/Kimball | 25k

Darkest Before Dawn by eponymous_rose: The Freelancers meet their AI fragments for the first time. 6k

day 289 by eggstasy: Tucker wasn’t there when his best friend died – so they go to High Ground and find Church’s logs. 3k

Duty & Consequence by Jewels: Season 11, the reds and blues clear out the wreckage of the ship. Blue-centric. 3k

Fact and Fiction by eponymous_rose: On the run with York and Delta, Texas ruminates on Allison. 5k

fragments/shadows by pepperfield: Project Freelancer teaches the Beta AI to forget. 2k

Friendly Fire by Nemonus: Connecticut and Washington, before the betrayal. Washington/Connecticut | 2k

Golden Boy by Legendaerie: Between season 10 and Out of Mind, York and Delta try to figure out how to make things right on their own. 9k

Hard Restart by darkavengerz: Season 11, the Blues look after each other after Church’s departure. 4k

Homecoming by anneapocalypse: Tucker and Junior go to Sanghelios. 3k

In the Aftermath of Freedom by StellarRequiem: Locus unpacks his issues now that he’s free of the codependent toxicity of Felix. Post-Felix/Locus | 14k | Incomplete

Judge, Jury, and Executioner by flawlix: What Felix fears. | 4k

Lie to me by ichidou: Washington doesn’t love Texas, but he didn’t have a say in the matter after Epsilon. 1k

Long Nights by RenaRoo: A chronicle of Church’s sleepless nights and how he spent them. 2k

The Long Road Back to Good by SaltSandford: Between seasons 8 and 9, Wash joins Blue Team and slowly slowly gets better. 55k

Memory Encoding by Ree: Delta wakes up York in the middle of the night to try to process his emotions from memory. 2k

Nominative by Jewels: The chronicles of 479er. 3.5k

Not Quite Right by Sirijanu: The Alpha struggles with what he almost remembers, and Captain Flowers is there to help him figure it out. 3.5k

not your friend by eggstasy: Post-season 6, Grif notices that Caboose is terrible at taking care of himself and succumbs to his big brother instincts. 3.5k

The Ones Left Standing by strangestquiet: Washington tries his damndest to clear Tucker’s name when he’s implicated in an assassination attempt on Malcolm Hargrove. Tucker/Washington | 53k

Overwrite by squeequeg: Post-season 8, Washington falls for his new family. 1.5k

Parallax by Gray_Days. Washington has terrible Epsilon dreams of banging Texas and gets an awkward boner. NSFW | 2k

Parenting 101 for Dummies by runawayballista: Parenting is a learning process, and like Junior, Tucker learns by doing. 2k

Pulling at Strings by donquixote: Kimball and Locus during the war. Kimball/Locus | 9k

Revenant by anneapocalypse: Sharkface, from Freelancer to Chorus on a journey for revenge. 3.5k

A Series of Half-Truths by DesdemonaKeylose: Felix and Locus’ codependency begins in a waiting room. 3k

Share by Ithil: Felix and Locus take bets on the Reds and Blues. 2k

Sunrise by eponymous_rose: Epsilon and Carolina’s dreams, where they overlap and intersect. 2k

System Failure by Goodluckdetective: How the Director comes to have an army of Texas’es. 1k

Trifecta by Nemonus: Connecticut’s dogtags trade hands. 1k

Weapon of the Times by starkraving: Maine being a former Spartan project member is a popular assumption in the RvB fandom, and this is all you need to read on the subject. 70k | READ THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

You’ve Got My Back in the City by thought: Washington past vs present, his actions alongside Connecticut and Tucker. Washington/Connecticut, Washington/Tucker | 3.5k

Exceptional Ship Fic

I don’t ship everything I listed here, so the fic was good enough that I posted them anyway. If you’re curious, I consider these testaments to what people like about the pairing.

Bends and Bends and Bends by blehgah: Grif and Simmons live together, after the war. Grif/Simmons | 1.5k

Contact by Papershrine: Grif can no longer lie and it is literally going to kill him. Grif/Simmons | 15k

Friends in the Dark by runawayballista: York and Carolina need to learn to relax and mistakes may be made in the process. York/Carolina | NSFW | 5.5k

Five Steps to Better by StellarRequiem: Epsilon is gone and while Carolina grieves, Wash reaches out. Carolina/Washington | 10k

Good at Bad Ideas by Legendaerie: York and Carolina falling in bed before falling in love. York/Carolina | NSFW | 23k

He is Affection and the Present Moment by ergo_existence: Caboose on love and loss. Caboose/Church | 2.5k

It Starts Here by SmudgedPrints: Wash and Tucker’s relationship begins on Chorus. Washington/Tucker | 2k

I was in there when it happened by rocketfallen: Wash struggles with a strange, intrusive obsession with Church. Church/Washington | NSFW | 4.5k

Know by ergo_existence: Grif nags Simmons into paying attention to him for 2000 words. Grif/Simmons | 2k

Overflow by Legendaerie: Wash tries to handle his feelings for Tucker while in the field, babysitting Feds and Rebels. Washington/Tucker | 11k

Saudade by QueSeraAwesome: Grif is falling for someone else. Grif/Simmons | Angst | 3.5k

Divergents & AUs

I’m picky about AUs so I promise this is good shit.

A Good Soldier by PrettyArbitrary: Maine salvages Wash from the wreckage of the MoI and the Meta gets a second host. Wash/Sigma/Maine | Dubcon | 4k

Ground Zero by eggstasy: Tucker and Caboose go on patrol and encounter The Flood. 44k

Halo 5 RvB by eggstasy: Exactly what it says, but things are the same and different in equal measure. Washington/Tucker | 26k | Incomplete

Level 40 dickbag by weatheredlaw: In this game of Dungeons and Dragons, Church is DM and a complete asshole. 1.5k

No Way Out by eponymous_rose: York survives after Recovery One, and South returns to him to regroup. 9.5k

Regret the Poor Children by thought: Two Freelancers and three AI get lost in the woods, starring Carolina, Washington, Epsilon, Eta and Iota. 3.5k

She Got Both Feet on the Ground by QueSeraAwesome: Carolina gets Sigma after all. 8.5k

Other Good Stuff

Things I don’t want you to miss, even though they might not fit in the above categories.

An Understanding by Ree: Texas goes for help before Out of Mind, and encounters South. 1.5k

Blood on White by veroreos: Wyoming’s wounded, so Gamma keeps him together with knock-knock jokes. 1k

The Case of the Foul-Play Flower-Pot by pseudoku: Donut drags Lopez along to solve a mystery. 1.5k

Cell Biology and the Amelioration of Hostile Work Environments by Ithil: Let’s learn about microchimeraism with Grif and Simmons! 2k

Glassed by eponymous_rose: Imminent death from plasma fire has a way of bringing people together as a team. 3.5k

Hand-to-Hand by eponymous_rose: Wash and Carolina beat the snot out of each other. 2k

Just for One Day by QueSeraAwesome: After the war, Tucker negotiates the terms for their futures. Washington/Tucker | 2k

numbers are a pain by Prim_the_Amazing: Caboose has difficulty remembering he has ten sisters now instead of seventeen. 4k

Plans Best Laid to Waste by runawayballista: York and Carolina stuck in a dumbwaiter with a bomb. 3k

Prometheus by nogoaway: York is convinced that the Director is trying to kill him. 17k

Reasons Wash Isn’t Sleeping by strangestquiet: a tumblr ask blog about Agent Washington’s sleeping habits.

Signal and Noise by eponymous_rose: 479er comes in to save the day. 2k

Thicker Than Water by illumynare: Church learns what Wash has forgotten – how to be a brother to Carolina. 2k

Three Times Delta Googled York’s Potential Love Interests by chii. I feel like the title tells you all you need to know. 1.5k

Way Ahead Way Behind by Gray_Days: The freelancers take to grieving a lost colleague by playing a game of strip poker. 12k

We Were Up All Night Talking Trash and Wasting Time by thought: The freelancers take a 24-hour shore leave that none of them wanted, York can see his relationship with Carolina coming to an end, and Delta settles between them curious and new. Carolina/York/Delta | NSFW | 3k

Winter by nogoaway: North goes back for Washington and South looks out for North. 3k


I feel dishonest recommending my own work, but if you’re interested you can find it here.


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