May 18th

This was an annoying email to receive the day after the last post because it’s so short, but I didn’t want to make a new blog just for it.

Jonathan checks the next morning for the room he fell asleep in. The broken door is now jammed back into the doorway and is locked from the other side. Jonathan is then confident that something definitely happened there, and is spooked about it.

Meanwhile, in real life, I’m at a weekend TTRPG workshop and curled up in bed in the oldest building in the town of Tatamagouche. I’m having a great time and trying not to think very hard about ghosts while I sleep in the oldest house built in the area, about 200 years old. There has been at least one ghost sighting, a spider, and many many ladybugs.

Shout out to everyone from Designing Games That Matter 2023. This is what I was working on when I fled as soon as I could on Friday night.

And on this Friday night, May 19th, Jonathan’s journal continues. Dracula “in the suavest of tones” tells Jonathan to write three more letters; one where he says he’ll be leaving for home soon, one where he is departing, and a last saying he is stopping in Bistritz after leaving the castle. Jonathan is too scared to argue “whilst I am so absolutely in his power.”


Of course it’s all just because Dracula wants to get everything into the post on time since they tend to take so long to get to their destination from here. Jonathan doesn’t bother pretending to quote Dracula verbatim for most of this entry. Jonathan goes along with it and asks Dracula what he should write as the dates. Dracula says June 12th, June 19th, and June 29th. Jonathan is sure that he’ll die after this, but he’s just going to keep you forever as a sexy handsome lawyer boyfriend. We know this.

That’s all we’ve got for this week. It was an easy one, thank goodness, because I am so busy and people keep emailing me.

I imagine that by the end of this weekend I will have the tools to make a little TTRPG on the fly so I wonder what one would look like–not for Dracula, but for a fujoshi’s guide to Dracula. So far I guess it would have to be about writing letters, collecting recipes, exploring a creepy house, and getting to know your new boyfriend. I wonder if it’ll be the same game by the end of the novel?

Time for bed and hopefully no ghosts. I wouldn’t mind if three sexy vampire girls wanted to give me a taste though.

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