Originally posted 24/05/18.

Hi everybody!

Thank you so much for your patience! Today I’m updating with the next game segment: The City. It might not look like much compared to the other games, but I made it myself! Well, and with the support of Team TWS. Thank you, everyone! Moving forward, I’ve learned a lot about code and will be able to proceed on the game segments faster, by myself! With backup. I really cannot stress how I couldn’t have done this without Sean and Christian.

Now that’s taken care of, I hope to brush up some other things on the site, too. I realize that the game in Chapter 4 is in bad shape, and I can update the credits and about page. Look forward to that too!

From here out, and until further notice, we’ll be doing one page a week again, every Thursday. I hope you stay tuned! :)

-Dawn & Team TWS