July 8th

Writing this a day late because this entry is so short that it’s just kind of disappointing. But it’s also worth noting that there’s a long break before the next entry, so I’ll try to get another bonus chapter in for you. I believe we’ll be fairly regularly busy from the time we come back to the end of the novel in November after this dry spell.

In Halifax the weather has been nice and hot and I’ve been spending as much time outside as I can, mostly gardening and reading. Also my apartment has a sudden and disturbing roach problem, so I wish Renfield were here to take them away for a project.

In London I imagine the weather is London-like. Dr. Lobotomy has some kind of half-formed idea he’s excited about, but gives us no details. He sees Renfield who has upgraded his flea circus to a pet sparrow, which is a huge improvement from flies and spiders, but he keeps a few of each in a long food chain that he can manage on his own; flies to spider to sparrow. What will come next?

Anyway this is all that’s here and it’s all I have. Stay tuned for a bonus chapter soon to make up for this.

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