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Personal Post: 2022 Was the Worst Year of 2020 to Date

With the ongoing collapse of Twitter which they now say will soon have a character limit of 4000, I decided to bite the bullet and just use blogs as originally intended. Social media is for shitposting and blogging is for things I care to commit to history so I hope to update this blog with a lot of random nonsense from now on, some of which will be under lock and key via Patreon integration, so if you’re interested in having more of a conversation about me and my content, please find me there again.

I think I made a post here about moving to Gumroad and right after that Gumroad revealed that they’re also full of twats and since lots of people use Patreon (including myself, to funnel cash to people I like) I might as well stick with the same twats that everyone else is affiliated with. My Patreon will be reactivated at the end of December. Here’s my Patreon link:

This blog post is a bummer so far but I promise I’m doing well, I just hate living in late capitalism.

To brighten things up, here’s a photo of my current foster cat, Scruffy McFluffers (adoption pending). Maybe I’ll make a big blog post about him soon. And perhaps my other fosters?

a scruffy grey tabby cat scowls at the screen.

I am no longer working at Seven Seas so I have retreated to freelance work. This is fine. Now I have the time to get back to the projects I’ve abandoned since 2020, so your support on Patreon and elsewhere would be appreciated. I’m hoping to cut back on the number of contracts I’m juggling for January in order to write a novel (but please do contact me about work opportunities). When I got a full-time job in 2020 I had several ambitions I was trying to fulfill, and one of them was to spend that November working on this novel for NaNoWriMo. Instead, I got a job, and had no time for the novel. I feel like it would be better if I took the summer to slack off and write instead, but there are a few things in the world that seem to be telling me it’s a good time, so I’m going to get started in the new year. I’ll tell you all about it soon… and probably on Patreon first!

I’m looking forward to the holidays and ringing out this crappy year. For me it’s been a lot of disappointments and loss and stress, but a lot of learning too. I think we can ring in 2023 on a better note with blogs, Patreon, and really gay novels. Thank you all for being here. It means a lot.


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  1. Good get an update from you. Moving forward is usually the way life goes. Good luck with all your projects!

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