Dracula Daily warns me that it’ll be a few weeks before we get another update so I guess I might as well post about this one.

As for me, the wildfires are doing well as it has started raining and we might be lucky enough to see the sun again halfway through June. Hopefully by then all the fires will be gone but I feel like we’ve got more in our future anyway. Fires are an important part of a forest’s lifecycle, it’s just annoying when they’re caused by people being stupid.

Meanwhile, in Dracula, Dr. Lobotomy Seward is writing about the poor guy he’s fixated on. This guy, Renfield, sounds pretty cagey, but Dr. Lobotomy notes that he loves animals. Right now he has a collection of pet…flies. Dr. Lobotomy asks Renfield to get rid of them and Renfield asks for a few days. Of course Dr. Lobotomy is shocked that it didn’t cause him to break out into a rage.

I never had pet flies as a kid but as my family wouldn’t let me have a cat, I did try to keep pets of anything—pond minnows, dragonflies, etc. I was devastated when they all surely died. I feel for Renfield’s desire to have something to look after.

This entry is already longer than this section of the book but for the sake of letting this blog keep to its name, do you suppose we’re being told about Dr. Lobotomy’s research here as a parallel to Dracula, who is also keeping Jonathan locked up against his will?

I feel a bit sorry for Dr. Lobotomy for not feeling better after his cowboy orgy. Hopefully we’ll hear about what happened at some point.

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