Welcome back, Draculas! I missed this blog in the few days that I didn’t get any Dracula Dailies. It’s such a great tool for procrastinating on things I should be doing, just like right now.

But last time I opened up my blog saying it was a beautiful day in Halifax, on the same day that the area erupted into flames. We’ve got rain in the forecast to hopefully stamp it out but, thanks to a lot of fallen trees last year in a nasty hurricane, plus climate change, there’s a lot of dead wood lying around and waiting to burn. Lost homes and pets and wildlife are tragic but I suspect 2023 is going to be the year of fires in Nova Scotia.

For the record, I’m not in the direct path of any fires, but if I am you’ll definitely see my complaining about it on social media.

I feel like this represents me on May 28th and now on May 31st:

two screenshots from Gundam featuring a person grinning and saying "I'm a genius!" Then looking shocked and saying "Oh no!"

Meanwhile, today’s Dracula Daily is pretty short but I think the next one isn’t until June 5th, so why wait?

Jonathan decides to set aside some papers and such to write on later in case an opportunity presents itself. Instead, it’s all gone.

Every scrap of paper was gone, and with it all my notes, my memoranda, relating to railways and travel, my letter of credit, in fact all that might be useful to me were I once outside the castle.

Even Jonathan’s suit and jacket are gone, perhaps in an effort to keep him from feeling he can walk out (or so Dracula can sniff them in the privacy of his own quarters). Jonathan finds this rightfully creepy, considering this is some more genuine abuser shit. I usually hear theft of passports and credit cards as human trafficking stuff, but it works when you’re kidnapping a guy and trafficking him to yourself for yourself, I suppose.

Things just get worse and worse for our little lawyer boy. How much worse can it get?

gif of Winnie the Pooh with a knife and fork, wiggling happily as he waits for honey

A picture of me waiting for the next juicy violation of Jonathan’s personal boundaries, and also Dracula waiting for…whatever Dracula is waiting for.

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