Good morning friends! Halloween approaches and I’m considering some kind of cheap vampire costume to greet trick-or-treaters with but also I’m sooooo lazy.

October 16th

This wasn’t impressive enough to make a whole post over. Jonathan writes to observe that they still appear to be ahead of the Czarina Catherine as she goes through the Dardanelles.


October 17th

This post is pretty short too. Jonathan writes that everything is arranged. Arthur told folks that he thinks something in the cargo was stolen from him and, since everyone bends over backwards for nobility, they’ve given him “half consent” to check it out “at his own risk.” Jonathan is pumped to fuck Dracula up.

The Professor says that if we can so treat the Count’s body, it will soon after fall into dust. In such case there would be no evidence against us, in case any suspicion of murder were aroused. But even if it were not, we should stand or fall by our act, and perhaps some day this very script may be evidence to come between some of us and a rope.

“Van Helsing says Dracula will turn to dust, and I hope he does, because otherwise we’ll have to explain the body of a dude we just killed.” Dracula/Weekend at Bernie’s crossover let’s gooo.

This post is so short but I’m glad we got it all out of the way so we can get right to the action next time. I hope.

I don’t really understand what’s going on here. If the goal is to build suspense, it should be wound tighter I think. Perhaps this is the disadvantage of Dracula Daily, where the sense of time is plodded through instead of handwaved away, which I can only assume was Stoker’s intention. Unpacking the stress and anticipation of these days in Varna could be an interesting book all its own. I suppose Stoker wants us to feel like Dracula has been cornered again, like in Piccadilly, only to slip through our fingers once more. In which case I want him to play up how frustrating it is when we get there.

BY THE WAY, everyone should know that Scruffy is doing fine now. There were a scary few weeks where he had diarrhea, which we treated, and then he was constipated, which we treated, and he seems to be doing okay since. The lady who I communicate with at the rescue came over to my house and we got to give him a little kitty enema after all, right in my office. How many people in the world have gotten to do such a thing? Now he’s acting and pooping like nothing ever happened, it just cost the rescue hundreds of dollars. So please support them here. They don’t know about this blog so don’t embarrass me.

Attaching a picture for the cat tax.

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