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August 13th is a short one from Mina’s journal, but super creepy. She wakes up in the middle of the night to check on Lucy and finds her asleep, sitting up in bed, and pointing to the window. Outside is a huge fucking bat which I’m sure is just a normal animal. It leaves and when Mina turns around, Lucy is lying down in bed again.

August 14th they spend reading and writing on the cliff. On their way home they admire the sunset and Lucy says something about red eyes. When Mina looks, there’s a shadowy dude sitting in their favorite spot, and she takes the red eyes to be a trick of the setting sunlight. Apparently they have never discussed the spooky night they had to walk back from the cliffs.

Lucy goes to bed early that night with a headache and Mina goes for a walk. When she comes back, Lucy is in the window bathed in moonlight, with a “good-sized bird” on the sill with her. When Mina goes upstairs to get her, Lucy is already retreating to bed, a hand to her throat. Mina tucks her in and admires again how pretty her gf is, but a little pale. Mina worries that Lucy has something on her mind.

Lucy is a bedtime Disney princess! Surely all this stuff is going to get better and not worse very soon.

I miss having a parallel story arc going on somewhere else. Where’s Dr. Lobotomy?

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