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46 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — To Fight Draculas, We Need a Dracula Gun

September 23

Mina writes in her diary that Jonathan had a difficult evening but went off to work at his new job as leading solicitor without issue. Oh she’s so proud blah blah.

45 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Four Funerals and Four Weddings

This one’s really spicy!

42 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Fill Me Up With Your Blood

This is the entry for September 18th! I’m posting it on September 19th because I tried to update some website stuff yesterday and it was a catastrophe. After about 24h offline, durafujo is back in time to fill you with a hot blood load.

But the entry from today will have to come later. It’s been a long day and I’m so very sleepy.

41 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — With All the Moods and Tenses of the Verb

I put off the September 13 entry so I could a. organize a sendoff party for my pal Waverly who is moving to San Francisco because they’re in LOVE and b. prepping for Hurricane Lee, who was due to arrive the evening of September 15. Waverly crashed at my place for the storm and power went out at some point in the wee hours of September 16th, came on long enough for me to make coffee, and has been off ever since. I write this with cold coffee leftovers by the overcast daylight through my window, using up my phone data and hoping my battery lasts. The power has been out for a little over 24 hours now, because Nova Scotia power is a scam.

The storm hasn’t been too bad, all considered, mostly because it was a near miss from us. Lee traveled up the west side of the province and made landfall with earnest near New Brunswick rather than in Nova Scotia, but the storm was large and the wind didn’t let up for quite a while, so there are leaves all over the place. I’ll try to add some photos to this entry.

Please enjoy this special edition power outage entry.

34 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Europe Teleportation

I’m excited because tonight I’m going blackberry picking! I love foraging for stuff. This summer has been a disappointment because of the rain but I’m pumped as blackberry and apple season is nigh. I’ve started a batch of raspberry wine, which I’ve never made before, but it tastes really fucking good. Much better than dandelion wine which, in its early days, tastes like lawn.

I went to see Barbie with my niece on Tuesday and we blew a ton of money at the arcade. My nephew didn’t come because he didn’t want to see Barbie but I guess we left him with a nasty case of fomo so now I’m doing the same thing with him next week. I don’t think he wants to see Oppenheimer so the new TMNT will have to do.

I said I’d tell you about the pigeons but I’d have to dig photos out of my phone. I’ll do it next time.

33 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — The Dr. Lobotomy Sedative Timewarp

Hello again. I have survived August deadline hell and let me tell you I am so tired. I was hoping to recover over the weekend but people who love me keep making plans because they want to spend time with me, and I can’t say no because I love them too. Feeling a little burnt out and I hope I can shake it soon.

This morning in my backyard, chickadees are everywhere and don’t seem to care if I’m here or not. I love chickadees. Yesterday too I encountered a particularly mouthy bluejay and set out a few peanuts for it. I watched it from my door as it tried to calculate where to cache one so it could come back for the rest. I’ve also seen some song sparrows back here with me but I haven’t coaxed the crows in yet. Next time I’ll tell you about the pigeon family.

I’ve got another treat at the end of this post for hardcore Dracula fans.

32 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Soon to a City of Delicious Chumps

Tomorrow, August 18th is deadline hell day! Soon, I will be free. Freedom is right next door. Freedom is just peeking in.

31 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Bedtime Disney Princess

So my blog doesn’t have ads because, frankly, I’m too stupid to figure out how to put ads on my blog. So if you wanna support me and this silly project, please tell your friends about it and consider leaving me a tip, perhaps? Otherwise I might have to figure out how to put ads on my blog.

grey tuxedo cat preens for the camera

30 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — No Homo. Unless…?

Did you know we’re not even halfway through this book yet? Entry 30 let’s go.

29 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — How Sweet Was Lucy Today?

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, I got a contract to copy edit a gay porno. The bad news is it’s a rush job so the next week and a half are going to be exhausting, but I’m going to do my best to keep up with Dracula. Dropping one raunchy gay porno to read another! This is the good life.

And yes, if your dream in life is to proofread gay pornos, you can do it too! But you shouldn’t because I want those jobs, thank you.

August 9th is another cutting from The Daily Graph (The Dailygraph?) so I’m going to summarize this guy again because his editors are letting him get away with murder.

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