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3 Let’s Read Dracula – The Truth About the Cat Meat Man, and Other Digressions

I want to open this one by saying that I’ve discovered that by cat meat, Jonathan wasn’t saying he eats cats. He was talking about a dude who sells leftover butcher meat for cats. A cat meat man. Probably stinky but wow, what a job. The meat is sold on skewers so the kebab comparison is valid. Animal cruelty aside, Jonathan is still pretty racist.

gif of Britta from the tv show Community saying "I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty."

2 Let’s Read Dracula – The Dracula Trap

May 5th

Jonathan starts off today talking about food which sounds like kebab and he compares to “London cat meat.” I don’t think this man can get any worse. He’s racist, sexist, and eats cats.

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