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45 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Four Funerals and Four Weddings

This one’s really spicy!

28 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Correspondent Shut-the-Fuck-Up Challenge

I’m really excited to finally get to chapters where Mina pastes things into her journal because I love making my journal into a scrapbook. Of course my “journal” is actually more like a daily planner, but having a small space where I can log events in bullet-point form if needed makes the whole process of keeping a journal much less daunting. That said, I love whenever I can have paper tickets to movies and shows to tape in. The more my planner can look like a scrapbook, the better.

This entry also reminds me that, for all the time I spent giving Stoker shit about never having weather, we have succeeded in having weather on the Demeter, and now here off the coast of Whitby. I guess a novel about a boat and a seaside town would be boring without weather since that’s all sailors and seaside people care or talk about, as you can see from this whole blog so far.

So yes, the following section is a cutting from The Daily Graph, which Mina has pasted into her journal.

HOLD THE PHONE, my copy of Dracula says that the paper is The Dailygraph. WHICH IS IT, DRACULA DAILY?

25 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — I Made Another Map

Ahoy, to the Demeter!

Demeter entries have been pretty small so far so I saved up the last few to read them all at once. I also don’t find these logs particularly horny, but maybe that is because I’m not strong enough yet as a fujoshi. I have to level up.

24 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — Mina and her Harem

It’s been a hard week and I’ve been working my ass off and next week is gonna suck too! It’s getting late and I’ve had a cider and the cats have had enough of waiting for dinner so I’m going to try to get through the past two entries as fast and as horny as possible, let’s go.

4 Let’s Read Dracula and Embellish Events a Bit

May 8

Jonathan learns that shaving can get dicey

Would you judge me if I told you I gasped when I read this at the top of the Dracula Daily email?

3 Let’s Read Dracula – The Truth About the Cat Meat Man, and Other Digressions

I want to open this one by saying that I’ve discovered that by cat meat, Jonathan wasn’t saying he eats cats. He was talking about a dude who sells leftover butcher meat for cats. A cat meat man. Probably stinky but wow, what a job. The meat is sold on skewers so the kebab comparison is valid. Animal cruelty aside, Jonathan is still pretty racist.

gif of Britta from the tv show Community saying "I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty."

2 Let’s Read Dracula – The Dracula Trap

May 5th

Jonathan starts off today talking about food which sounds like kebab and he compares to “London cat meat.” I don’t think this man can get any worse. He’s racist, sexist, and eats cats.

1 Let’s Read Dracula – What Happens in Transylvania Stays in Transylvania

May 3rd

So a couple months back I found this academic book, Reading the Vampire by Ken Gelder, at a used bookstore for six bucks. I picked it up with the intent to read it and send it to a friend who likes this kinda stuff more than me (shout out to Leigh, if you’re reading this). That book’s discussion of Dracula and the introduction of “Buda-Pesth” as opposed to “Budapest” brought me down an interesting rabbit hole about the city and how it’s kind of two cities and there’s a lot of local baggage about it—look it up if you’re into that. John Harker doesn’t care about any of this, leading me to believe he’s a basic bitch, but I suppose he is just spying on it from the train so maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh. Checking on the modern Anglicizations makes me feel less like white colonialist scum.

0 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi – May 1st, Me and Dracula

I’m starting a new Let’s Read where I read Dracula like a pervert!

Me and Dracula

I thought I’d open with a spooky fun personal anecdote about Dracula, but I don’t have one. I’ve never read it before, nor have I seen any Dracula movies. My relationship with Dracula mostly comes from cultural osmosis and the Netflix Castlevania TV show. 

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