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25 Let’s Read Dracula Like a Fujoshi — I Made Another Map

Ahoy, to the Demeter!

Demeter entries have been pretty small so far so I saved up the last few to read them all at once. I also don’t find these logs particularly horny, but maybe that is because I’m not strong enough yet as a fujoshi. I have to level up.

July 28th, the past four days have been stormy and everyone is tired. That’s about it! Too busy staying alive on a boat to worry about boogeymen I suppose.

July 29th, the crew is still tired so they drop down to a single watch at night. Come morning, the watchguy is gone and nowhere to be found. Captain and mate decide to go armed for the rest of the journey.

July 30th, Captain is relieved that they’ll be in England soon. He sleeps and is awoken by the mate telling him that the two watchmen and the steersman who were on deck overnight are gone, leaving the captain, the mate, and two crew to complete the journey.

Dracula Daily says that this is the “last night of the voyage” but, spoilers, it ain’t.

The dates on this journey seem a little fishy to me so I made another map because I’m a NERD.

Greyscale map of Europe chronicling the journey of the Demeter, with dates written in red text and a line in yellow documenting the route.

How come it took five days to get from Constanța to Bosphorus, the strait that runs past Istanbul??

I can understand the rest, but I dunno. I don’t know a fucking thing about sailing. Maybe someone reading this can help me out, or maybe I can google to see if the internet already has some knowledge to impart.

I think my favorite thing about doing Let’s Plays and Let’s Reads is looking up all the stuff I wonder about while playing a game/reading a book in order to share. When I’m doing these things for myself I’m often too lazy and distracted to bother checking stuff like that out, but when I can show it off to someone else, I go ahead, and it enriches the story for all of us I think. I might even go so far as to MAKE MAPS.

Maybe I should draw the whole thing next time instead.

The weather here is fucking beautiful so I’m going to go outside and read Breakfast of Champions.

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  1. RESSA

    I know about sailing! I have sailed the Mediterranean (but not into the Black Sea).
    The Bosporus (and Dardanelles, known together as the Turkish Straits) are a very narrow chokepoint with a large amount of Maritime traffic. Ships have to wait their turn, sometimes for days, to get through. This is believable and shows Stoker’s knowledge.
    Didn’t think my sailor knowledge would come in handy for a Fujoshi blog!

    • playerprophet

      Every comment you leave for me is such a treasure, thank you. Thank you for your wisdom

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