It’s been a hard week and I’ve been working my ass off and next week is gonna suck too! It’s getting late and I’ve had a cider and the cats have had enough of waiting for dinner so I’m going to try to get through the past two entries as fast and as horny as possible, let’s go.

July 26th, Mina confides in her journal:

I am unhappy about Lucy and about Jonathan.

GASP! Trouble in paradise with girlfriend and boyfriend alike!

Mina emailed—that is a typo and I’m going to keep it because it’s funny—Jonathan’s boss, Mr. Harker, to see if he had heard from Jonathan. He replies by sending her a letter he had just received. “It is only a line dated from Castle Dracula, and says that he is just starting for home.” Mina finds this extremely suspicious. This must be the letter that he wrote on or after May 19th, and had dated June 12.

Mina then confides that Lucy has started sleepwalking again. She has agreed with Lucy’s mother that they lock her door at night so she doesn’t go wandering off of some cliff. Mrs. Westenra said that Lucy’s father would do the same thing.

Lucy, prepped for marriage in the fall, is planning her dress and her housing arrangements. Mina says she does the same, but the means she and Jonathan look forward to are modest. Arthur Holmwood who is apparently rich as hell is on his way, though his presence is spotty because his own father is sick. Mina thinks Lucy is unwell only so long as she’s waiting for Arthur to show up.

I feel for Mina as a single income household in a city with overpriced rent and a housing crisis so I have no other options. Anyway, here’s my ko-fi!


July 27th, Mina’s more worried than ever. No more letters have arrived since yesterday! In an era where everything was snail mail! Horrible!

And “Lucy walks more than ever,” since yesterday. I get feeling that nervous and vigilant Mina but you gotta chill out a little.

Arthur, since yesterday, has been called home to his father’s side as he’s still super ill since yesterday. At least the weather has been hot since yesterday, so Lucy hasn’t caught a chill.

Mina treats Lucy like she’s sickly and fragile, but she didn’t mention anything like that before, did she?

Lucy frets at the postponement of seeing him, but it does not touch her looks; she is a trifle stouter, and her cheeks are a lovely rose-pink. She has lost that anæmic look which she had.

It might be scary times but Mina’s GF still hot as fuck.

Woman in a convertible car pulls her sunglasses down her nose to peer over them at something.

Kind of Stoker to give us lesbians while the gays are away.

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